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This is where you can link to other web sites from suppliers of product and services.

To start with, here is a list of suppliers we know about:

  • Gordon Harris, online and with stores in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington & Christchurch. website.  ABC members get a 10% discount when in store.
  • Takapuna Art Supplies, online and with a store in Takapuna, Auckland website
  • Conservation Supplies, online and with a store in Havelock North 
  • Covertech, Peter Meredith doesn't have a  website but you can call or email him. Free phone 0508 895 432, email with a supply office in Napier
  • Glue Guru website
  • Triptych Conservation Services website
  • Anderson’s Binding, Sydney,  Australia website
  • Spotlight with 19 stores throughout NZ also online website, sign up for a free VIP card and  get discounts
  • Krafters Cart online presence only website
  • Sewing Time stores at Penrose,  Auckland and Christchurch, with online as well website

Items we've already been asked about are:

  • Adhesives - Conservation Supplies, Glue      Guru, Triptych, Takapuna Art Supplies, Krafters Cart
  • Book board - Gordon Harris, Takapuna Art      Supplies
  • Book coverings/ buckram - Covertech
  • Educational supplies - Reference books and specific      bindings Out of the Box Bookbinding, new and second hand reference books Oak Knoll
  • Engineers squares - most tool shops, Trade Tools  offer online purchases 
  • Green board - Takapuna Art Supplies (it's  not on their website, please phone to place an order)
  • Japanese screw punches - we don't know of a NZ supplier but cheaper Chinese screw punches are available on TradeMe
  • Leather - we often have some leather  pieces available when bookbinders retire and are happy to help coordinate purchases from overseas. Excellent skins can easily be purchased from Cali Andersen at Andersen's Bindery. Cali is the only supplier of Kangaroo leather which is ideal for repair work, easy to pare and retains strength even when thin.
  • Linen thread - Spotlight stores - sell 8 colours of Gütermann linen thread, non waxed, in 50m rolls
  • Sewing items - awls, pattern weights, Coats Barbour Linen Flax Thread (black and white) 18/3  ply 50g, waxed polyester threads at Sewing Time
  • Teflon and bone tools - Conservation Supplies, Takapuna Art Supplies, Triptych Conservation Services, Krafters Cart  (Teflon)
  • Tyvek - Conservation Supplies, Triptych Conservation Services
  • Waxed linen thread - we plan to order in bulk (to share postage and get better pricing) Supplier: Royalwood website
  • 3M 'snails' - these super useful sanding blocks + rolls are also available from Cali Andersen

 Book Valuers 

Art and Object

Bookmark Second Hand and Rare Books

Erika Chamberlain at Antique and Art

 Suppliers of bookbinding materials and equipment 

Andersen’s Bindery’s online BOOKBINDING SUPPLIES STORE Australia

Covertech Ltd

Conserv ation Supplies

Falkiners/Shepherds, UK

Glue Guru

Hewit and Sons, UK

Takapuna Art Supplies

B and F Papers Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Christchurch

Fine Art Papers Christchurch

French Art Shop Auckland and Wellington

Gordon Harris Auckland (3), Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch with
online shop

Magnetic magnets

OfficeMax NZ wide with online shop (check their clearance items

Passion for Paper, Auckland

Studio Art Supplies, Auckland

Tenax Papers, Bulls – Andrew Reilly

Emails are now set up for each as an individual as well as groups.

Here they are:

 Suppliers of conservation materials and equipment 

Conservation Supplies Havelock North with online shop

Preservation Equipment

Zetta Florence

Designer Bookbinders

ICON (Institute of Conservation)

NZCCM (New Zealand Conservators of Cultural Materials)

Redeye (website for bookbinders)

Society of Bookbinders

Eden Workshops

Andersen’s Bindery’s online BOOKBINDING SUPPLIES STORE Australia

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